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The purpose of the first consultation at the Northern California Melanoma Center (NCMC) is to provide the patient with information about melanoma and therapeutic options. The patient meets one of the NCMC Doctors, Drs. Robert Weber, or Jeaniesar Caluag who reviews the patient's medical history and medical records, and performs a physical examination.  They then present the patient's case to the NCMC Consulting Panel at its noon meeting. There is no charge for the case to be presented to the Consulting Panel. The Consulting Panel discusses the case and makes recommendations concerning any diagnostic measures needed, as well as the best therapeutic options.

Thereafter, Dr. Lynn Spitler meets with the patient and family and or friends to inform him/her of the recommendations, provide information regarding any clinical trials s/he may be eligible for, answer questions, and help to work out a “game plan” going forward. The goal is that by the end of the day, the patient and loved ones will have gained information to allow them to make informed decisions regarding diagnostic and/or treatment options.

After the initial consultation, we encourage patients with melanoma to have regular follow up visits with the NCMC or with their oncologist. Should a problem arise, the patient's case will be discussed again by the NCMC Consulting Panel.


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