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       NCMC Consulting Panel
  Consulting Panel, back row, left to right: Cherie Goudy, Ruth Marlin M.D., Robert Allen M.D., Jeaniesar Caluag M.D., Sara Huang M.D., Bob Murray, Alice Do M.D. Seated, front row: Robert Weber M.D., Lynn Spitler M.D.

Dr. Spitler and her team have been working together for many years to provide information to patients and the medical community regarding therapeutic options for patients with melanoma. The team consists of physicians representing all of the specialties concerned with melanoma:

More than 5,000 patients have come to the Melanoma Center for consultation regarding melanoma. At the time of the first consultation, the patient’s records are reviewed in detail and he/she undergoes a history and physical examination. There is a review of operative, pathology and laboratory test reports, radiological procedures and all past therapies. If appropriate, the patient’s slides, X-rays, and scans are also reviewed. In selected cases, the patient’s care is discussed by the Consulting Panel.

The patient, family members, and/or friends meet with Dr. Spitler, and the recommendations for any diagnostic tests needed and therapeutic options are discussed. The goal is to provide patients and their loved ones with information to allow them to make informed decisions regarding therapeutic options.

After the initial consultation, patients with melanoma are encouraged to have regular follow-up with us and/or with their regular oncologist. Should a problem arise, the patient’s case will be discussed again by the Consulting Panel.

The Northern California Melanoma Center is currently engaged in a major research effort aimed at developing more effective therapies for malignant melanoma. Many of these studies include using investigational immunotherapy.


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